DataFish® is North Sea System’s metocean survey buoy for high flow marine environments. By providing real time data and undertaking long duration, multi-application surveys, the system reduces the risk and cost of metocean data collection. DataFish® is the only system able to provide real time data from tidal energy sites.

  • Customisable, multi-instrument platform
  • Real-time data transmission
  • ADCP flow monitoring
  • Acoustic monitoring
  • Wind & atmospheric data
  • Wave measurements
  • Surface & subsea video images
  • GPS locator
  • On-board power generation


Datafish Sales Brochure  Datafish brochure

Top Mounted Sensors

The DataFish® uses an innovative buoy design that maximises buoyancy, minimises drag and allows a relatively light weight mooring to be used as the anchor. The surface buoy houses a battery bank and a hydro-generator for long duration deployments, a datalogger which records and time stamps all data, an anemometer, a GPS and wet sensors.

Key Benefits

  • Data instantly transferred via GSM modem or iridium satellite to a headquarters.
  • Remote health monitoring of the system
  • Navigational Safety – buoy is marked and lit in accordance with IALA standards to ensure that it presents minimal navigational risk

Mid Water Column Mounted Sensors

North Sea Systems have developed a stable platform to enable instrumentation mounting at a mid water column height, providing a capability to measure turbulence, acoustics, turbidity and other key environmental characteristics. Data will be provided in real-time and the entire assembly can be installed and recovered from a small workboat fitted with a crane.

Key Benefits

  • Stable, mid water column platform enabling accurate monitoring of subsea characteristics.
  • A variable height suits different customer requirements or location parameters.
  • Sensors can now be positioned closer than ever before to a known object (for example the hub of a tidal turbine).

Bottom Mounted Sensors

By mounting instruments on the seabed, the DataFish® can incorporate instruments which need a fixed location, completing the full package North Sea Systems can offer. An electrical umbilical will link the mooring with the buoy, thereby providing a conductive path for power and data transmission. This system is adaptable to link with existing sensors and subsea platforms.

Key Benefits

  • Plug and play system allows for integration of other subsea platforms and different instrumentation types.
  • Integration of a broader range of instruments including hydrophone, camera and sonar, increasing the flexibility and multi-purpose use of the DataFish®.
  • In-built power generation on the DataFish® will enable continuous survey of 6 months or more

Datafish, tidal flow

Datafish, bottom mounted sensors

North Sea Systems have developed an online data analysis platform to provide immediate feedback on the site characteristics being captured. The image shown provides an insight into the client-facing analytics tool. Each client is given a login name and password to access their data, and the graphical manner in which it is represented is tailored to meet their needs.

Key Benefits

  • Data validation and cleansing provides user with high accuracy and reliability of data.
  • Secure online access to data.
  • Customisable reports draws fast conclusions from site characteristics.
  • Ability to combine external data from other sources.