About North Sea Systems

North Sea Systems provides innovative design solutions to support the marine renewables industry. We are the only company dedicated to developing and operating systems for such high flow environments.

DataFish® addresses a growing requirements for met-ocean information within the expanding marine energy and offshore wind industries. We have the capability to not only offer our proprietary high flow survey device, but also provide data analysis services, ensuring we offer customers a complete solution to their tidal and wave survey requirements. There are unique challenges faced when working and collecting data in some of the toughest marine energy sites in the world. The DataFish® survey device has been designed specifically to counter these challenges, consisting of an innovative buoy design that maximises buoyancy, minimises drag and allows a relatively light weight mooring to be used as the anchor. Our objective is to provide our clients with reliable, accurate data at the right cost, on every occasion.

CableFish® is a tool dedicated to touchdown monitoring of subsea cables.  It provides continuous video and mapping of the touchdown point even in shallow or high flow environments – when the ROV cannot.  The system is also significantly lower cost to operate than ROVs with a much smaller mobilisation footprint.  When operated in automated mode it only requires one operator for 24hour operations.