CableFish® is a low cost, low risk solution for monitoring submarine cable installation. The system operates effectively in shallow or high flow environments, conditions in which ROVs are rendered ineffective. CableFish®  can be operated in automated mode, such that it will automatically maintain a set altitude above the seabed.  The system is controlled and monitored via a PC connected via an ethernet connection.  CableFish® uses instruments mounted on a cable mounted carriage and a fibre optic umbilical to provide video and GPS coordinates of the cable touch down point in real time.  The system can be readily adjusted to suit a wide range of cable sizes.  It can also be easily modified to accommodate a wide range of sensors. Call us to discuss how CableFish®  can be used to support your submarine cable installation operations.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly lower cost than an ROV, with reduced manning and mobilisation.
  • Continuous live images during cable lay.
  • Inclinometer measures cable catenary.
  • Chart plotted location reference of touchdown point.
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive post-lay ROV survey.

Performance Specification

  • 5 – 200m water depths.
  • 5 knot tidal flows.
  • Adjustable for a range of cable diameters.
  • No impact on speed of lay.

Onboard Instrumentation

  • Three cameras (two facing forward, one facing aft).
  • Two lights.
  • Altimeter.
  • Inclinometer.
  • USBL beacon provides accurate subsea positioning.
  • Sonar is optional