By providing high quality continuous monitoring in all conditions CableFish® enables faster, higher precision subsea cable installation operations. The system operates effectively in shallow or high flow environments, conditions in which ROVs are rendered ineffective. CableFish®  can be operated in automated mode, such that it will automatically maintain a set altitude above the seabed.  The system is controlled and monitored via a PC on the CableFish® network, either via WIFI or ethernet.  CableFish® uses instruments mounted on a cable mounted carriage and a fibre optic umbilical to provide video and GPS coordinates of the cable touch down point in real time.  The carriage is opened and closed via the PC for safe and simple attachment to cable. The system can be readily adjusted to suit a wide range of cable sizes and only requires two crew for 24 hour operations. Call us to discuss how CableFish®  can be used to support your submarine cable installation operations.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly lower cost than an ROV, with reduced manning and rapid mobilisation.
  • Continuous visual monitoring in all conditions meaning less downtime.
  • Remotely operated open/close of carriage for safe cable attachment.
  • Pitch sensor measures cable catenary angle.
  • Chart plotted location reference of touchdown point.
  • Actual touchdown position calculated in real time.
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive post-lay ROV survey.

Performance Specification

  • 5 – 100m water depths.
  • 4 knot tidal flows.
  • Adjustable for a range of cable diameters.
  • No impact of speed of lay.

Onboard Instrumentation

  • Two IP cameras (one facing forward, one facing aft).
  • Two lights.
  • Sonar for touchdown monitoring and obstacle avoidance
  • Altimeter & depth gauge
  • Roll and Pitch.
  • USBL beacon provides accurate subsea positioning.

CableFish ready to dive

CableFish control panel