IMeche talk to focus on the DataFish

mungo-morganNorth Sea Systems has confirmed that Project Manager Mungo Morgan will present the DataFish tidal survey device to the Dorchester Area Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMeche) at Weymouth College on 1st May 2014.

Mungo’s talk is entitled “The DataFish – A Platform for Acquiring Met-Ocean Data From Tidal Energy Sites” and will focus on the design methodology for the DataFish, its applications and how it is being used to provide turbine developers with useful met ocean data that enable them to:

  • Assess the available energy resource.
  • plan the siting of devices.
  • understand the complicated flow dynamics for front end engineering design.
  • monitor the effect the turbines have on wildlife, marine mammals in particular, during construction and operation phases.
  • monitor the turbines performance during operation

Interested members of the IMechE can find out further information about the event here